Subject Matters
The seriesĀ Subject MattersĀ is an ongoing photographic research on the paradoxical relationship between the photograph as material surface and the picturing qualities of photography. By nature the meaning of photographic images is dominated by the subject matter, which also suggest this is the most valid reason to produce and consume the image. The photographs in this series reflect a need to understand the act and the consequences of picturing what can be seen.

Sweating Madonna, 2019

Backyard Fantasy, 2019

Crocuses, 2019

Leaf, 2019

Dove, 2018

Heel, 2018

Moth, 2018

Drops, 2018

Blackberries, 2018

Lamb NL1001970, 2018

Playmobil, 2018

Cathedral, 2018

Wrist, 2018

Cables, 2018

Wild Chervil, 2017

Butterfly, 2017

Crow, 2017

Pizza, 2017

Bubbles, 2017