IMG_6332 & IMG_5468
In the two channel video-installation IMG_6332 & IMG_5468 the surfaces of two digital photographs are being scanned. By zooming in and out, slowing down, enlarging details, travelling in this fascinating structure of the images, the dimensions of the digital photographic object are being explored. In the installation the spectator is surrounded by two moving images, projected in a 90-degree angle. The work offers a photographic experience, which questions both the dialectic, fragmentary human perception and the main characteristics of the hybrid photographic surface.

IMG_6332 & IMG_5468, 2018, video installation, two full HD video projections of 200 x 300 cm

IMG_6332 (fragment), 2018, ultra HD animation, silent, 5:00 min.

IMG_5468 (fragment), 2017, ultra HD animation, silent, 10:00 min.